I went for the initial interview because they advertised on craigslist, monster, etc. and it sounded perfect...sports marketing, entry level internship positions!

Wrong...they basically call you back for a second interview and make you do door to door selling and other B.S. not worth your time, its a scam.

These types of companies sound like they are promising the coolest job when really they are just trying to grab your attention. I have heard of several people I know getting caught up in these things.

Its frustrating because they have a legit office and everything but in reality its all a front.

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plz dont belive any ppc company bcz i am allready lost 70,000 thousand eurasia creastion company :cry


Probably one of the biggest scams in the USA is ripping off people who have to make payments for court fees, court documents, child support, etc by charging them a "convenience fee" for using PLASTIC. Question is: "convenient" for WHOM?

The local gov't office, you'd think. No handling/counting cash. OK, there are fees charged by the card issuer for processing credit/debit payments, but that's a PERCENTAGE. What SYNERGY aka Government Payment Service, Inc.

aka GovPayEXP, and companies like them, do is charge a whopping FLAT FEE simply to interface between the local gov and the card issuer, no matter what the amount of the transaction is. With these people, it's $3.50 on up, per pop! And are they politically connected? OH yeah.

Way to prey on the less fortunate, ya bastids! :(


I know that these are not seen on this web site that this is really just to bash the job or company but I have had nothing but good things to say United is who I went to the interview with and yes they don't tell you to much at first then they give you a chance to see what the job is like at the same time they watch you to see how you do with their customers if they like what they see they ask you back for a 3ed round then if you like them and they like you, you have the job. This job is a base + com the nice thing is they have a W2 for all pay so you don't have to pay at the end of the year with taxs over all this job has help me and my family so much.

The chance to have a very good job is yours. You just have to take your chance to see if its your gold mine.


I got a call for an interview with Synergy.When I asked what position the interview was for, i was told that they had many open positions and they would see which one was the best fit for me upon interviewing.I show up at the address and it looks like an unoccupied building. I walk in and find every one of the suites are locked.

I call the number that I have for the interviewer and no answer. I leave her a message that I am at the address and it seems to be a vacant building and for her to please call me back on my cell phone.

I waited 15 minutes, no call back. I'm thinking maybe she called my home phone, no call there. So no calls, no emails and a vacant building. Someone sent me on a wild goose chase.

Thanks like I needed this.


Please do not attempt to get a job at InnoCept Marketing (Dallas, TX). They call you in for an interview, but refuse to answer major questions and insist that all of the question will be answered on the second interview, that is if you are chosen.

However, everyone is chosen. Why? Because once you show up they want you to ride around the Metroplex with another sales rep. (account manager)This is to see if you would like the job, but most importantly, you are using your saling skills on this interview.

It is commission based only, something they failed to mention.

Also, you are working for free. Think about it, if I can get 20-40 reps working different territories per day for free, then I must be pretty slick.


Calling a place a scam because they get you to do door to door marketing or have high turn-over is unjust-this is not proper evidence


Do not waste your time with these two companies.Scanno advertising and Dynasty Marketing Solutions, Inc are the same scamming company. Stay away, do not waste your time. The place is like a revolving door.

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