Leslie Spencer Mersky was the owner of well known criminal enterprise called BankCard Empire who's offices were raided by the Postal inspectors, Tempe Police Department and the Arizona Office in 2010.

David Mersky, who was the president of Bankcard Empire registered a new company called Bizeek.com

The Mersky's aka family of thieves launched the Bizeek Automated Income Program sales pages and emails with fake security seals, fake BBB seals. And th first email they send has THREE virtual offices - all located in different States -associated with it!

And used domains from FSU.EDU (Florida State Univeristy) and CRL.EDU (Center for Research Libraries). Hmmm.

Mersky is seeking new ventures and partners. See he has to set these people up like a stuffed pig because we all know snitches don't do well in prison.

He is also seeking alliances where he can set up sub-domains to run his illegal activity just like he did with Bizeek.

The Mersky's are a family of thieves nobody wants to work with you.

Let alone allow you to set them up, or unknowingly continue your fraud via subdomains.

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  • bizeek
  • les mersky
  • fake bbb seals
  • florida state university
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According to his bio:

"David was able to combine his background in marketing, law and merchant services to form Time Jump Investments and provide a full stable of services to clients in both the business-to-business and consumer arenas."

In other words after failing as an ambulance chaser in New York he moved into fraud and put his marketing background to good use by making 'fake security seals, fake BBB seals' to steal money from the retired and disabled.

He then became a snitch to save him from being Bubba's girl in prison brought up a new marketing company hopeful to get a client he can either blackmail or operates in enough grey area he can set them up -- class act -- no wonder his wife is cross eyed. :upset :upset
to Time Jump Investments Norristown, Pennsylvania, United States #1263553

Leslie from Wynnefield, PA has always been a scammer. His son is no different. "The apple doe snot fall far from the tree"

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