This particular website sells tons of merchandise, but "buyer beware"! They show good merchandise, states selling at "wholesale" prices, which is untrue, inaccurate and deceptive.

Read Ripoff Reports.com about this business.

I got ripped good by several "deals" and had a reputable jeweler check the jewelry purchased at Joe Richey Wholesale prices, only to find I bought "junk" that had the prices elevated by 350% and came with a price tag to sell items at 3725% over the $8.00 estimated price, his wholesale price was $25.00 per item and marked for sale at $299.99 per item.

The attorney generals, Federal Trade Commission agencies were notified. It's suggested by them not to do business with this individual/business who also changes his company identity when things get too hot from complaints.

Buyer beware!!!

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Joe Richey does NOT rip off anyone. You MORONS allow yourselves to be taken.

If it weren't for GREEDY IDIOTS who think they can get something for NOTHING, *** artists like Joe Richey would not exist. YOU MORONS GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED


I was ripped off by Joe Richey or Swapselltrade or wholesalersholesaler (all of them are the same person: Joe Richey) he sells only junk. Super high prices.

Not a wholesaler how he says. Thief!!

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