In Naperville, Illinois, an older man named Svend Funch, not sure if it spelled correctly, took my money. In excess of 900$, I did significant work to his home and after the work was completed he said he wasnt paying me because he knew the court system and that there was nothing I could do.

I am posting this to give awareness to the public that people like this exist and are just the worst types of people out there. They take advantage of the hardworking people like myself. I have never come across a person like this before. If he wouldve told me he couldnt afford the job and that he needed a payment plan I would have done that for him no problem.

But he just said he wasnt paying.

What a sad man. -Shawn Johnston

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Report him to IRS. You can do it online now.


Shawn, I feel terrible for you and the fact that you were stiffed by this guy. I run a watchdog group in Chicago and we hear stories like this all the time.

Always research who you will be working with BEFORE you work with them.

Most of the time they rip people off before you and people voice their stories on the internet. Best of luck to you in the future and again I am sorry you were scammed by this man.


That is so sad to hear. This once happened to me awhile back while I was working as an interior decorator in Des plaines.

I told the client that they needed to pay the fee of 250$ and they agreed. When it came time to collect they simply said no. ha! It is amazing how rude and cheap some people can be.

But that is just the world we live in. Some people are honest individuals and others simply do not care. Most people are nice. Just always try and research before you work with someone so you can see if they have a history, as does this ma, of ripping peole off.

Best of luck to you in the future Shawn. Regards, Sandra

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