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Dear Clergy, Pastors, Shelter Administrators, Board Members etc.

UPDATED Correspondence

From Jason Sandifer, Michigan

Please consider implementing a new process and procedure for shelter on-site, or on premises restrooms.

There is a Several Shower Stalls in the Men's restroom onsite or on shelter premises, I will never use the shower on premises, however other men in the shelter may have utilized the shower, (I HAVE NOT USED the MULTIPLE USE RESTROOM since entering the program).

I am concerned that if there is a child on premises and if the showers are being is utilized by an adult males, at any time, there needs to be in place a proper procedure in place and implemented to prevent the child from using it at the same time period that other male shelter guest is showering to prevent any unwanted or awkward, nuisances, embarrassing, situations, while any other adult shelter men, or any other men that may utilize the onsite multiple use restrooms and showers.

I inquired about this with a staff person, and I was told that even if adult male is showering the restroom it is to remain open for the public, and others still utilize, even while a male guest is in the shower.

I expressed that I would NEVER use the multiple use restroom at any time while there are any children in the shelter program.

My suggestion is that when someone is showering a proper signage could be placed outside of restroom.

I believe that children should NOT BE TO ALLOWED into to enter the men's restroom, when a male shelter guest is showering, or using the restroom for privacy of both.

Men, Women, and children, all I believe need their own privacy.

Suggestions for other Shelter Church sites:

Please consider a process and procedures for children to utilize the restroom with their own privacy and or with their parents.

And allow the other shelter men to utilize the restroom without any children occupying the restroom.

Men need their separate privacy and children need their own separate privacy when utilizing the restrooms.

Please find an appropriate process to provide a respectful, considerate, orderly and yet responsible way that men may utilize the restroom separately from other people children, in lieu of everyman’s privacy and safety and also of the child’s safety and privacy as well.

My suggestion is that children be accompanied by their parents and or staff personnel directly to the restroom, and or have a staff personnel checkpoint desk near the restroom, to check if the restroom is occupied by an adult or child.

The staff volunteers, and personnel would announce when a child is in need to use the restroom, if the restroom is already occupied by any adult men.

And after the restroom is empty of men than allow the children to utilize the restroom afterwards. Or if any children are utilizing the restroom then have the men wait momentarily until the children have completed utilizing the restroom.

Have set separate designated time for the parent to supervise the situation with the restroom being unoccupied.

This will prevent any uncomfortableness, or awkwardness, and provide Privacy. and this would ensure the

Safety, Proactive Protection measures for everyone, including the parents, children, adult shelter men, the church the shelter, and shelter staff, visitors, guest etc.

Another alternative is to implement a separate restroom designated for only children to utilize.

As I have stated previously above:

This a Safety oriented process, and suggested procedure, this would ensure every person Safety, and Well-Being.

This is (NOT new a new perspective for me), I have believed this way for my entire Life.


Jason Sandifer,



Reason of review: Suggestions.

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