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One week ago, I checked my checking account, and noticed that there was a withdrwal of 136.00. I confronted the bank and was told that a company sued me and they had court documents to justify.

This action caused 3 checks to bounce in my account. I was never notifed that this was taking place, by mail or by phone. One week later I have received the court documents in the mail from my bank saying that I have been sued for 1077.34.

The address in the documents was 50 Brooker st. I have never Even lived there!!!!

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Totally doable if you had a signed, or the virtual equivalent of a signed agreement of some sort. It's in the Uniform Commercial Code, Article 9 transactions.

Find out who it was from the bank to be sure. I was surprised myself. But hey, if you're ever bored, or want good bathroom reading, buy a copy of the UCC to read. Every consumer should have one.

It's mere peanuts compared to the fees you owe.

Banks suck, and the laws protecting them do as well. Free America is great!!

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