It's your bakery. The "health police" has gotten into your kitchen,

especially the apple & cherry turnovers. When I started buying them,

there was course sugar on the top crust. That turned striped icing.

That is OK but not as good as the couse sugar. The turovers has gone

downhill. From 4 to 2 pack and I don't the person responsible for this. I

shop every 8 or 10 days cause it is a choa for me shop. Your store has

gotten so big it takes an athelete to get around the building.

I go to the grocery store to buy groceries, I go to drug store to buy

medicine, etc. When are going t add a clothes department? You might as

well be a shopping mall.

I am 78 tears old and store size is difficult for get around in without

some resting benches. I guess the solution is to go someplace else to


You do have a good meat department!!!

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