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Puck your all night parkinglot rave sceens! 07/24/2010

today friday night to Saturdaymorning blasting your your pucken

stupidass rave beets for all the surounding neighbors to not enjoy

Every pucken week for months

I AM not one to call 911 and complane, but puck you and your dissrespect to the neighboring people who live nearby!

I will bring your dissrespect to the Riverside city council and call in and complane to the local police, 911

The Riverside County Sheriff Department can solve the problem

with you and the loud rave style music

take this problem of yours and end it ! Fools

the news media can research what is realy going on

and invite thousands more to your little all night party

every week

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #168103

I am the neighbor who you are complaining about for playing loud music. Look neigbor, if I did not turn the music down when the police asked me what chance do you have. So my suggestion is get earplugs or invest in a soundproof room.

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