everyone putting in there complaints are just jack ***. stop the whining and do something about it.

One, you most likely didn't read your contract or any paper work you were given.

when you get to the place your in a big hurry anyways so the counter person feels pressure to get you the *** out to provide a faster service then when we charge your *** because you didn't put gas in the truck or can't refund you because you don't have your receipt wtf do you want us to do.

sorry sir you f'd up so i will kiss your *** till you feel better. f that if you wern't in such a hurry all the time then maybe you wouldn't miss half the *** we told you or you could read what your signing.

oh and a great way to get any help from any one is to cause a scene, ya that's great not only did you make yourself look like a jack *** but now no one wants to help you because that's what you are, a jack ***.

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Gee, am I missing something here? You are saying "stop complaining" and what you are saying is not considered as a complaint about the complainers?

If you don't like that people are complaining on this sight then you are the one that needs to stay off the sight. I do believe this is what this sight is all about "COMPLAINING" :p


I understand what you're saying as far as do something about it and how do you know half of these people aren't? There is no need for name calling. It actually helps people like me who want to be warned before we go through the same thing they went through!

Crystal Beach, Florida, United States #47950

All those profanities to get his point to us. Let's see if I get it, we are all in a hurry so that is the cause of all problems.

Hmmmm. Sir I have land in Florida for sale, a little damp, but if your not in a hurry you may be able to sink all the way to the bottom.

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