well my son order me a gift which ended up costing me 130.00 for makeup I don't even ware I'm disable and never leave my home. I tryed to cancel it but it did not work they were suppose to email me the address and conformation number but they didn't so I was unable to mail there product back and now I have to pay for something I don't even want I just want to give it back and get my money back I'm on SSD and only gat 784.00 to live on I guess I won't get to eat this month but you can believe me when I say they haven't heard the last of me I will be calling everyone that will listen or help after all on tv they only charge 29.95 beware of bare mineral makeup they will rip you off do not buy from them if they have already done this to you call the better buisness breau like I am in the morning. feed up jeanette

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