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the ad! free ballistic armored safe just for shipping cost, ha ha the safe is 36 inches tall and 24 inches wide appx.

and has a total weight of 110 lbs, the safe is cheaply made and falling apart when i received it! how can this be armored and ballistic? well now they will not answer my complaint !

they were nice and fast when i was waiting for it and after the complaint that was it poof gone! the shipment of gold dollars and 8 un-cut $1.00 bill were the only thing i received, they keep you hanging on by saying more on the way, this is cheap junk, the flyer in the paper shows the safe being dropped onto a pile of cement blocks and no damage, and it also shows a lot more money inside the safe, when the sales person talked to me she said this is great for keeping your guns and rifles in also, the pictures in the flyer show a complete different picture of inside the safe, my small 2 foot safe has a weight of 500 lbs, we all figured this safe i ordered would weigh at least 800 lbs or more, this company should be closed and shut down for fraud and mail scams I do not know where or who to contact from here to get my $475.00 backi am disabled and need some re-sources to figure this out, they were also going to do payments on this but they took the whole amount out at once and now has my checking account all screwed up, PLEASE if anyone knows where to find some help contact me stephanconnor@comcast.net

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Before you buy anything that sounds too good to be true, google the product name with the words "scam" or "rip off" behind it. It's amazing what comes up.

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