If you do not want to have to get additional medicines from the stress this place causes GO SOMEWHERE ELSE AND DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOR

If you want to hold on the phone for a minimum of 45 minutes at a time on death hold and finally get someone to assist you keep dreaming. This place is so out of touch with trying to help people it is amazing anyone still actually goes to cvs pharmacy no matter what the location.

When you go in to pick up medication after waiting on line at least 30 minutes they do not give you all of your medication and you find out that although you called before you made the trip to make sure all the medications were ready for pick up NONE of them are.

The customer service or shall I say the lack of any customer service at any of their locations is repelling. Take your perscriptions to a neighborhood pharmacy where they know how to treat their customers and appreciate that they shop there. If you really cherish your sanity and stress level stay completely away from this store.

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