son needs help cant find anyone who will help hes bipolar,suffers deep depression,schitzorphernia cant hold job went to ss office she told us he should have no problem getting it and should be on it he had pd enough taxs in after 1 yr of fighting they turned him dn now hes constantly being put in jail for child support this is Not fair to him for having a disability use to be happy and enjoyed life now every day he struggles went from making 25000. yr to 32.yr has to py 190. wk fo kids HOW?

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I've heard that getting turned down for SSI is almost automatic, and that to get anything, you have to hire an attorney and fight them. This is our government at work folks.

The federal government has been stealing all of the excess reserves from the Social Security Administration for many years now, and has been using it to fund their insane deficit spending. The congress could come up with $700 billion to bail out the banksters in 2008, but doesn't have enough money to assist disabled persons.

If you think things are bad now, just wait until Obamacare kicks in fully in 2014. :sigh


You can get an attorney that will do the ssi pro bono--

I have bipolar and understand the mood issues but an attorney can help you out. He needs the help...

You can only appeal the ssi once..so don't play with them..

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