I purchased Jinn jewelry from eBay auctions Spell_Bound_Magick and have found them to be very rude and I believe they are frauds! They never answered my questions and when they did they were very very rude! When I received my ring it was broke and there was no spirit bound at all.

It was a magic Jinn vessel and there was no spirit bound at all. They would not send invocation instructions and after I told them it was broke they basically laughed and said "they are not responsible".

I am just warning everyone not to purchase so called magic items from Spell Bound Magick as they are a fraud and I am not the only one to think this. I have heard of numerous complaints through eBay as well! I felt this needed to be posted on the internet and feel good about helping others who are interested in these items!

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That's because "jinn rings" aren't real. They're called "costume jewelry".


You are full of ***. Spell Bound Magick does not sell jinn jewelry/rings on ebay

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