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I would like to say that Mr La Croix hasn\'t made any attempt to discuss this matter what so ever. and only to continue his miss use of words followed by not providing any facts what so ever not only does he do this, he is stating questions wouldn\'t be answered unless a name is given when the site clearly Say\'s do you agree to these terms of service meaning no names e-mail addresses etc.

for I have provided so many facts, what does he do well nothing except replying back with hate full remarks like I have said in the beginning of this original post... for I find it hard to understand why a name is so important.

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Mr Steve LaCroix finds it to be funny that native American names are for strippers and makes claims that he is superior and since he served are country that he has the right to do so tell him NO! and that there is know honor by doing this what so ever and that he feel that drug addiction is not a illness as well so boycott his business or tell him on FB that this behavior is not acceptable and bring shame to the men&women who sever are country with honor and respect for all walks of life no matter what.

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This above set of posts is a clearly malicious and defamatory attempt to harass and do damage to my business. It was made by an anonymous poster with a fake profile!

PLEASE REMOVE, or provide contact info for that poster so I can file a civil lawsuit. Thanks!


your a *** pirate so go get a life for your nothing more than a plie of *** that can walk on all 4's!


:grin :cry :? :roll :( :p for your screwd now!

to stop u *** Sarasota, Florida, United States #683256

The rules here say personal attacks will be deleted.

I guess there is no moderation here at all.

This illiterate inbreed enjoys the power of being anonymous, but only demonstrates the true life reality of being a drunk welfare dependent indian coward.


:grin :p :cry :( *** ingnorant fool!




hey *** ignorant fool your so full of your're self that what every you say is a lie so go *** off.


I do not know this crazy person who posted the above complaint. My business has no relationship to this person whatsoever, as this person is obviously mentally challenged, and a stalker.

Just look at the level of illiteracy displayed. I never authorized this person to use, or post my picture.

I want this post removed as it is defamatory in nature, and has no basis.

It is an obvious personal attack by a mentally unstable illiterate. 3rd graders should not be able to post here, or anywhere.

to Steve LaCroix #976873

So if you don't know this crazy person, how would you know if it's a customer or not? Obviously your a useless bag of *** and blood with no use to human life.

So worried about someone talking mess about your precious little animal farm Yet don't even know who they are. Obviously your just trying to cover you tail end.

And BTW if you picture is on the Internet anyone can use it. They don't need your permission lol

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