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I paid £175 for a recording studio experience. At the end of it, I was given a Tesco CD-R CD that wouldn't work on a CD player, only a PC.

I contacted the company for a refund. They refused, claiming that the experience was what I'd paid my money for; the CD was simply an ancillary factor. Eventually, when I took my complaint to Buyagift.com, the company who'd arranged for the experience, they agreed to re-send CD's that did work.

Nearly a month after the experience, I'm still waiting on the replacement CD. Trust me; don't ever hand money over to Songmaker or Buyagift.com

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Further to posting this review on the 03.03.2010, I am writing to confirm that I have received confirmation today, 08.03.2010 that I will be receiving a full refund. Therefore, any damaging or offensive remarks that I may have caused to Songmaker Ltd or Buyagift.com, I would like to retract :grin

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