I'm done there, nobody seems to care that they sell pirated media. If you used PayPal file your complaint there.

If you used your charge card you can call them and report that you received counterfeit merchandise, hopefully you will get your money back. The seller might tell you that the entertainment is "public domain" even though it isn't. What about the horrible quality of the recording or that it may play on one DVD player and not another or any computer. Then the seller acts like I'm trying to get something (garbage) for nothing?

Yea, I opened an account just to rip off your most precious copyright infringement. The one that you wrote, produced, directed and now distributed. I already owned the VHS tape and wanted a DVD of the material which was not available at the "other" site (don't want there good name soiled).

I did get my money back from the seller and almost had a heart attack doing it. There isn't a item worth that kind frustration or insults.

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