I am annoyed that I cannot access my email! Admittedly my 2 boys (occasionally) my husband as well) but u would think that I could access my email without the boys having to do it!!!! I want it to appear when I log in! How do I do this and show my email when I log in?

Now I have been told that this is not long enough! How much do you have to do? All I want to do is get to my email! I this really necessary? I think I might write a letter! Bye

Thanks Rose X

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Web based or program based? ISP or some *** free mail?

Which company or program?

Good lord next time you go in to the shop to get your car fixed leave it at home and tell the guy that you hear funny noises when you take left hand turns. The DEMAND it get fixed RIGHT NOW!


Somebody get a hold of me!! 515-451-2267! :cry

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