Oil City, Pennsylvania

Has anyone else besides me noticed that the size of potato chips in the bags are very small. Even the Wave dipping type are smaller then they use to be.

Are potatoes getting smaller or are the potato chip vendors making them smaller. I know that the size of the bag got smaller but the price has pretty much stayed the same, but you have to shop around or use a store coupon. Does anyone have this same problem with their favorite snack food. I also am not happy with the new watermelons the stores are trying to sale us.

Seedless my butt. They are just picked before they got too big.

They really have no taste when this is done. Let me know...

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I was just noticing this tonight as I have been noticing for a while now but it kind of pissed me off enough to google why the chips are so small. I didn't find any answers but my theory, since we all know potatoes aren't getting smaller, is that the Frito Lay and Utz companies are taking the longest part of the potato and selling it to companies who make french fries, like Ore Ida, or McD's, Burger King, etc.

Then I think they take the shorter ends of the potatoes and slice them into tiny effin' chips. It *** me off.


Yeah I've been noticing product sizes have been getting smaller.


Companies have two choices:

Keep the bag size the same & raise the price.

or Keep the same price & make a smaller bag size..

Potato chip companies are not the only ones doing this.

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