Cheap is not always better. This gym is $15.00 a month.

At first I thought this was a great deal. The restrooms were always running out of toilet paper and soap. The place is dirty. They go through cleaning crews like someone with OCD who washes their hands.

I guess they won't tolerate the rudeness from the management. They finally started keeping the supplies stocked after about 6 months of being opened. They are very eager to sign you up then the heck with you. When you mention any problems to them they complain like they are too lazy to do anything to fix the problem.

This place has a bad vibe. It also seems like it is turning into a teenage nightclub instead of a gym. Too many unsupervised teenagers at night. The gym equipment is too close together.

Place is too small. When a lot of people are there it's difficult to move around. Paying more for a gym membership elsewhere is worth it compared to this place. You won't even get your $15.00 a month worth.

There is so much more that is wrong with this place that I don't even want to go there. Bottom line, this place is just no good.

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