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cinicnnati ohio northbend road

waited for 10 min, ot order ok, slow to give us our 1st drink, forgot coffee,waited 35 for our food, and then only 1/2 came out. it took 15 more min to get pancakes.

During this long waiting time not once did anyone ask if we need refills on drinks. it was not till we were done with what food was on time did she ask if refill were needed. she then said i will get them , guess what she forgot till ALL of the food was gone.

when i paid the cashier ask how ot was i told her food was great service sucked. then I told the manager after the cashier quickly rang up food and charged it. the manager askif to wante some muffins or pie for free, Really, She finally ask if i wanted 50 % off I was so mad i just wanted to leave.

I think that i should be give this meal of $ 51.00 for free.

Charles Otten

Ph 513 251 0124

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Umm NO you shouldn't get it free! You said you told cashier that the food was good and yet you want it FREE? Caught yourself in a lie

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