I ordered the shaper through the television ad. When I first got it it was the wrong size even though they told me to order this size.

I exchanged it for the next size and then I became very ill and was unable to even open it or look at it for a while. I requested an extension for the refund because obviously there is a sizing problem and not just because of my body. I was willing to go back to the original size I had purchased but they told me I was beyond my time limit. I pleaded with them to understand that the problem was completely out of my control and I felt the original size fit better than the new one.

The new one was too big and was no good to me at all. Can you help me out at all? Someone did finally call me but I missed the call so I e-mailed again and the 24 to 48 hours has passed and I have not received another call. I tried calling but the prompts do not let you get through.

What else can I do. I really feel I have been ripped off big time if I cannot even get the original sizing and I am left with nothing that I can use. I cannot even return any of it because I would only get my original $39.95 back and I was willing to try the other size again. Otherwise I would take the money but it seems either way I am out of luck.

What type of business do you run? Jeanne Minnick 414-379-5286

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