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I am pissed... But it really was my own fault!

Sigh... they are sneaky... It says in the terms and conditions that its only free for the photos not for the movies so if you have watched any type of video there they legally can charge you. They are sneaky by they don't warn you before thy do so.

But not all is lost if your still on the first month you may not loose so much money, they do refund I believe one of the charges. just call them. Toll-Free 866 812 8679 and cancel it. I would also cancel your account with them while your on the phone or go to http://www.webjtcharge.com if you are sick of hearing them as I was.

If you don't want to be charge again I recommend canceling your account, if you don't know your user name and pass word you can look it up at the site. Sigh.. Yea those people are really really sneaky. Act now so you won't loose too much to them.

I will not personally do any business with them.

Haha and next time i will read the Terms and conditions. Pissed but i was wrong too.

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Saint Thomas, Ontario, Canada #25756

:( These jerks should not be allowed to rip us off like that. You can dispute those charges with your credit card company and they will take it off.

When I called, they told me that many others were scammed like this, so they were aware of the problem. I just hope others don't get screwed for so many months like I've heard from other foruns.

I'm glad I caught this right away. Never Again!

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