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I currently work with another MLM company that I am very happy with. I have recieved two calls in the last little while from this companies distributors trying to recruit me into this business. First off I think that is a very bad business practise. How do you trust someone that does anything like that to people. Secondly when I said NO the first time you would think they would know not to call me again.

If this is how they training their people to build there busineses I truely feel bad for new people.

I wish every great success in there business

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I am truly tired of getting calls from various insurance companies. I can't see why they think their grass is any greener.

Most of them don't help their agents and expect you to knock yourself out using your own resources. Its a total scam.

I also ask them how they determined I would be a good fit in their company and would they enjoyed being sued. Please take my name of any of your lists and I look forward to not hearing from you again.

Thank you.

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