Ok this so called company is a joke. My husband and I got a SUV from them.

We have had it less tan a year. My husband lost his job and we called them to see about lowering the payments so we can keep the SUV. They pretty much told us too bad they can't help us. So we told them to come get it them we can't make the payments anymore.

They told us tha they don't do that. We have to sell it. Ok tell me how can we sell it if we don;t have a title. So now they are calling us all the time all hours of the day and night.

We have went as far as talking to a lawer about all this. He told us that the SUV and sit in out yard. Some time they will have to come and get it. We have told them over and over to come the the *** thing and they keep calling and asking for money.

And getting really really nasty with us. But as soon as we tell them that our lawyer said..... they hang up on us. So it is ok for them to be nasty but we can't come on.

So I think that all of us haveing problems with the so called company need to do some thing about them and get them shut down for good!!!!!!!

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