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While associating with any dropshipping firm, one question that may strike the mind is whether or not the firm is legitimate and if their products are profitable. This is an obvious question. As dropshipping scams have become common, it has become difficult for retailers to trust any dropship company.

In this blog, we will give you reviews about DVD Dropship, the firm engaged in dropshipping DVDs to the UK and international customers.

If you are seriously looking to make some money by selling DVDs online, you should avoid DVD Dropship. Though this company claims to offer you the best selling titles at competitive prices, it is not true. Most titles in their database are old. Moreover, their prices are high. You may find the same DVDs at half the price on eBay and Amazon. Besides not making profits with their DVDs, it is even difficult to sell them. So, why spend money on buying the membership of DVD Dropship?

DVD Dropship offers a complete dropshipping package inclusive of a lifetime membership and an e-commerce website at £39.95. Though this package sounds exciting, the catch is that it does not include the hosting fee. Once you buy the package, the company will ask you to pay around £100 ($166) towards hosting charges for one-year. This makes us believe that company is mainly not a wholesale dropshipping firm, but an agent that makes money by charging hefty hosting fees.

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Not only this, DVD Dropship is also involved in posting fake reviews and posts on review websites and forums in order to promote its services.

This raises a question on the integrity of this firm. Why has the company resorted to such methods in order to make its services popular? Are their products and services not capable of attracting customers?

If you think that DVD Dropship is just an isolated case of a dropshipping scam, you probably are not aware that a large percentage of dropshipping firms that appear in search engine results are fake.

So, how can you separate the wheat from the chaff? One way is to use a reputable wholesale directory for locating reliable DVD dropshippers.

Though reputable directories take care to ensure that all businesses given in their lists are legitimate, you should also do your own research before associating with any firm. Look for a DVD dropshipping company that is dependable and offers a money-back guarantee. This will help you get a full refund in case you are not satisfied with their products or services.

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No and never. Their shipping is way too expensive.

A legitimate dropshipper would never ask anybody to pay a fee because it costs nothing for it to dropship. DVDDROPSHIP.com only sells obscure DVD’s that nobody wants. Their customer service is very vague. They do not have any money-back guarantee policy.

Once you pay them, it’s better to forget about the refund. DVDDROPSHIP.com is a classic case scenario for a dropshipping scam.

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