Shyle Edlin writes his own internet reviews and accolades. He goes so far as to call himself "charming".

Talk about ROTFLMAO. That's rolling on the floor laughing my tail off ( in case this site censors the abbreviation. What kind of *** writes his own reviews??? Charming??

Oh my gosh folks. Someone pick me up off the floor. This so called divorce attorney is lower than a snakes belly and crawls like one. They should post Edlins photo in the dictionary under thieves and scam artists.

He has zero conscience and zero concern about anyone but himself. There is a place for people like Edlin and that elevator only goes down.

Monetary Loss: $125000.

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Sounds like a typical low life lawyer to me. Aren’t they about all the same?


Edlins own clients hate him more than his opponents. That is truly sad.


Great information. I had no idea of this site. Thank you.Carol S


Type Many readers have contacted me at my Hotmail account asking where they can file a grievance against the Stern - Edlin - Shiel Edlin law firm. Below are the contacts for the Georgia Bar Association folks who can guide you.

The site is www.georgiabar.com and their site map is excellent. You can find the appropriate items that may pertain to your particular grievance and apply them directly in a complaint to the Georgia Bar and copy the individuals below.If you are one of us who thinks the Georgia Bar doesn't reprimand and even revoke attorneys licenses for bad conduct, just read thru the latest list of disbarments. The Edlin Firm - Shiel Edlin, walks a fine line with the rules and ethics listed by the Georgia Bar. You do have the right to complain when you are wronged by this and any other law firm.

It is happening every day in Georgia and you will be shocked to see the fraud and theft that is committed by the lawyers listed on the Georgia Bar site.Don't be afraid to stand up for your legal rights.

Contact the Georgia Bar after you navigate thru their site. You are protected by the first amendment to freedom of speech and your opinion matters to help remove the bad guys from their posh offices that you pay for with your hard earned money.Ball, Mercedes Assistant Director 404-526-8623 404-527-8717 mercedesb@gabar.orgDailey, Barbara Administrator 404-526-8624 404-527-8717 barbarad@gabar.orgDavis, Donna Senior Administrator 404-526-8611 404-527-8717 donnad@gabar.orgHulsey, Lynda Director 404-527-8726 404-527-8717 lyndah@gabar.orgLewis, Estella Administrator 404-526-8622 404-527 your message here

to Anonymous #1483283


to Anonymous #1492346

Awesome. Thank you.


Great site. Pissed Consumer, you ROCK


How amusing. 6 people thought warning them was not useful. In the event those are not their own employees, go right ahead and get burned.


Funny, this firm won big for me. You must all have been on the opposite side of the table.

Your loss, your ex's win (and mine)! You people are pathetic.

to Danny #1423137

Funny is right. You are either one of his employees or you are an outright idiot.

What was the size of your bill {{Redacted}}?

Your win? People who lay down with dogs get up with fleas.

Enjoy stretching the rest of your life. Hahaaa

to Danny #1423269

Interesting that 'anyone' thinks what is being posted here is 'funny'. This Danny guy is obviously in the same league as his attorney.

He probably lives to get all he can from anyone he can. Takes one to know one folks!

to Anonymous #1424629

That Danny guy may probably is an attorney. Hahahaaa

to Anonymous #1424900

Just type in “attorney” and I’ll bet Danny will get a taste of his stupidity. There’s a TON of bad lawyers, just on this site.

to Anonymous #1515662

He’s definitely an I d I o t. So yes, likely a lawyer.

to Danny #1423271

I'm betting the people posting here think you are the pathetic one Danny. Clearly the consensus is your lawyer is and you just joined the ranks.

Guessing 1 positive to 638 negative posts will carry a lot of weight on this site. Stop wasting everyone's time posting. This site isn't called "pissed consumer" for nothing. Possibly you would be better off posting on an "I love my lawyer" site but, guess what?

There isn't one.

I wonder why. HAHA

to Danny #1424627

Who’s pathetic? Any dou sche like you who paid the Edlin Firm a dime.

Only provides idiots continue to walk the earth. Get a life Danny.

to Danny #1438913

You’re a *** Danny. Hahahaaaa

to Danny #1438914

Danny thinks he’s a mind reader. My X’s win?

I got it all and she got the shaft. *** punk Danny.

to Danny #1451575

Hey Danny boy.....it appears you are outnumbered 120:1. So take your punk comment and shove them as far up as possible.Marshall Allen (.

Ya, I’ll post my name too ). {{Redacted}}


Great site exposing these two liars. Real creeps!

Good news is most judges despise him especially Fulton co. But be careful, I had a feckless Gwinnett judge that allowed him to say anything and destroy the family.

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