Shyle Edlin writes his own internet reviews and accolades.He goes so far as to call himself "charming".

Talk about ROTFLMAO. That's rolling on the floor laughing my tail off ( in case this site censors the abbreviation. What kind of *** writes his own reviews??? Charming??

Oh my gosh folks. Someone pick me up off the floor. This so called divorce attorney is lower than a snakes belly and crawls like one. They should post Edlins photo in the dictionary under thieves and scam artists.

He has zero conscience and zero concern about anyone but himself.There is a place for people like Edlin and that elevator only goes down.

Monetary Loss: $125000.


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Great site exposing these two liars.Real creeps!

Good news is most judges despise him especially Fulton co.But be careful, I had a feckless Gwinnett judge that allowed him to say anything and destroy the family.

to RB #1417218

Keep it up folks. He deserves every accolade on here.

to RB #1417220

Descent lawyers laugh at this firm. His days of ripping off good people will be limited by his own despicable reputation.


Loser, slick talking p, trickster. Beware all.


To the posters here.I often cruise thru postings on unscrupulous people.

It's easy to find them on attorney reviews.

What I find interesting is that a vey few, find reviews of this type "unhelpful".If you believe that you will believe the attorney wasn't the one who checked the box.


You're lucky that's all you lost.


The author of this posting is spot on. The most unethical attorney I have ever met. Absolutely a true statement.


How pathetic that these types are allowed to practice at all. Sad


Makes you want to re-consider law school if you have to associate with this guy.I'm in my 3rd year and so far, I've not seen anyone close to this guy.

Maybe that's how you get or maybe that's how poorly you were brought up.Regardless, these postings are extremely sad to see about the law profession.


Trust this poster and the dozens who are taking the time to comment.This Edlin guy is completely unethical.

He will ask for unearned and unbilled money at an arbitration hearing. COMPETELY unethical and against ALL rules.

He thinks the rules do not apply to him.

Lets only hope people read these earnest comments and run like *** from this POS.

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