I was sent a picture by Justaman828 who is not what he claims and the picture was of *** nature. He sent me an e-mail asking for my pic.

and gave me a phone number to send it to, later I got a text message claiming they did'nt know me and then the pic.came from them from the number Justaman828 gave me. I want this checked out, you claim pictures of that nature are not aloud, and you need to keep weirdos off your site.

He could be some kind of freak that hurts people. lingodo57@yahoo.com

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If you are a kid, you need to get the *** off the web. If your an adult, educate yourself.

Adults know better than to put personal info. on the web, and if they do it anyway, you got it coming to you. Not trying to insult, but you sound kind of uneducated and a little bit ***.

Talk to your parents and trust that they know more than you. Also, get a life.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46973

One more thing I forgot to mention. It is *** not ***.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46972

We need proof that he sent you a *** picture. Post it on here so we can judge for yourselves. :grin

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46967

Sally - I think he had her phone number because this overprivilaged and spoiled nine year old gave it to him without asking her parents if it was okay to do so. Instead of spoiling her with things like cell phones and letting her join adult sites they should teach her responsibility and internet safety.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46966

You are a kid obviously. Adult's generally know how to spell "allowed" and "didn't".

Also you don't even mention the website that you were harassed at. Is this story true or do you have a childhood crush on him? I bet when he could out that you were just nine years old(which he probably did with your lack of spelling and grammar skills) he said he was not interested in you so you wrote this to get back at him. Why are you joining adult websites anyway?

You are too young to. You lied about your age. These websites are for 18 and over. And why does someone your age own a cell phone?

Why did you give him your cell phone number without asking your parents first? Do they know that you posted your email address here for everyone to see. Maybe this is why strange men harass you. You are too *** to know that you should not post public information for the whole world to see.

Including freaks like you are implying this man is. Did your parents and teachers not teach you internet safety?

You kids don't know what kind of world is out there. That is why they have an minimum age for websites like these, to protect you. Do yourself a favor and don't post personal information without getting your parents permission first.

Also do not lie about your age.

If a site says you must be 13 or 18 to join it is for a good reason. It is because you are too young to see and handle the material on that site.

Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #46949

What the F#@K are you talking about? What site?

Why did they (he) have your phone number?

You mean allowed, not "aloud". You're an ***.

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