I refinanced my house to roll in my credit card payments. I was struggling and they knew it.

I was told I would get a 30yr fixed with escrow accounts for everything. I have the papers telling me this. I never got a "truth-in-lending" statement.

The day I signed the papers she breaks the bad news to me in thirds.

Higher payment, no escrows and 3yr fixed, 27yr variable. She told me I had 3 days to have the contract corrected. Calling the broker for 3 days, I was given the run around.

On the third day, they said it was to cancel the loan in writing by 5:00. There is more but I am over the limit.

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You need a good attorney that specializes in real estate and Quick!!


What do you mean...there is more, but I am over the limit? I think you mean you hit the minimum words required to post a complaint.

Your problem is a reading problem.

You should have read the contract. Maybe next time bring someone with to help.


You should never have signed the papers. I would have had them corrected, and then signed.

Everyone should know that you don't sign a contract that you don't agree w. You are agreeing to the contract when you sign it.


Be sure to save a large cardboard box so you can live out of it.

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