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I am tired of receiving unsolicited address labels, cards, wrapping paper from charitable organizations seeking payment for same. It would be better if these organization put the money they waste on these promotions to work on their cause.

This practice is invasive, where are they getting my address? Environmentally unfriendly. What do you do with all the unwanted ***. You can't send it back.

The post office won't accept it without more postage, so off it goes into landfill, not to mention all the trees that died for their cause. I've tried emailing them to get taken off their mailing list but they keep on coming. The only legitimate one is War Amps. They give work to their own disabled people to prepare it and it's not an over the top mailing to end up in landfill.

Plus they provide an excellent service.

I've had car keys returned twice. Stop the insanity.

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I, too would like charitable orgs from sending all those self stick address labels with our name and address on them. I shred all kinds of stuff with our names and addresses on them, but these sticky labels GUM UP my shredder, and I am reduced to cutting them up by hand. HOW CAN WE STOP THIS PRACTICE??

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