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. .its no wonder people get upset with you all i'm really getting mad at you all because first of all you all send me a paper saying my payment is late bull *** you all got your july payment it was check number1151 so before you all start sending out late payment notices you all need to make sure who you all are sending them to i dont appreciate this one darn bit ive never missed a payment just remember that before you all keep sending notices out .I've been with this company to dam long to receive *** like this in the mailno wonder people get upset with you all you all need to check before jumping next time

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Dorsey, Illinois, United States #24637

let them know you don't appreciate what they've done by doing what I am doing with Wells Fargo. Let's ALL UNITE and let all those shysters that there IS powers in numbers.

I am an individual, and they can deal with me easily.

But, if all us disgruntled customers actually DO unite, Wells Fargo will soon have to CARE. I have decided to send Wells Fargo Financial a hard copy check via regular mail for the sum of .10 (TEN CENTS) to be posted to my account. I will also faithfully pay my Wells Fargo Financial bill. I will send the ten cents checks each 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th of each and every month.

I will bend the envelope in such a way that a PERSON will have to open it for processing. In each envelope, along with the check I will place an explanation letter, telling that poor processor why he/she is having to do such a thing. This will cost me a grand total of $3.06 each month(check plus stamp), which I consider a small price to pay to get them to CARE. Imagine what can happen if ONE MILLION of us disgruntled customers unite and do the same thing on the same dates!

A swamped mailroom may get someone in Wells Fargo Financial hierarchy to CARE. Please join me in my endeavor. Wells Fargo can easily deal with all us individuals, but if we unite, we can make them listen and care.

Maybe YOU have a better idea in getting their attention. If so, please post it.

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