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I put an offer in to purchase a DVD set from one of your seller notofficiallyreleased2 (45) and later found that they were not originals but copies and decided to not go ahead with the sale

This seller has every write to give me a NON PAYMENT icon but he is harassing me, sending me one email after another, now he is asking other seller to bad mouth me and give me bad rating

He has even got a seller who I have PAID to give me a non paying icon?????suring this is not an acceptaable policy - xinglong2011 (5)

PAYPAL Transaction ID: 82243119DA030622U

Please look into this and instruct him to leave me alone and not to speak about me to other sellers

many thanks


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you should of reported it to paypal and ebay since it is ILLEGAL to distrute copies of movies. Your problem will be solved and your negative feedback will be removed

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