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I also got one of the Secret Shopping Center letters with a check for 4,880. It is drawn on a bank in Hendricks, MN. I knew this was a scam when I saw it, but it still makes me mad. I wonder how many will spend their hard earned money. I have warned everyone I know and am taking this letter to the newspaper, and sending a copy to my local news station.

The phone/fax number on the letter is 1-905-920-0541. I wish everyone would call this number and tell them what *** they are.

Thank you.

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State Park, South Carolina, United States #8774

I fell for the secretshoppingcenter.com scam by registering on their website. I paid $39.97 for this privilege and my assigned password and log in never worked.

I requested a refund and was ignored.

I've filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of New York. This is a complete scam.

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