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its bad enough to have to pay this much for a pack of cigarettes but than screw with the taste ,they now taste like copper. just what chemical do they dip these in?i know it is not healthy to smoke but with whatever they are using to make these safer for fire they also make you cough more and it creates a heavy feeling in your chest.as if you have severe chest problems.sorry but i am not sick and have smoked for sometime and this is not good.how many people will end up suing you for health problems for the copper taste or like embalming fluid.

and the feeling this gives you.i myself will quit smoking as alot of my friends and family. where is the constitution,do we still have rights as citizens of the United States ? i would like to know why the fire safety(that is the frickin fire department) get to decide to put something in our cigarettes that we smoke and goes into our lungs.also i put out my cigarette and 3 to 4 minutes later it started back up on fire.that is not safe at all. please is there any thing that we can do to stop this?

do we have any rights anymore? that is what i want to know.

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Stop smoking.

That "copper" taste is your internal bleeding from the smoking, the cigarettes are fine.

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