cancel now, and refund my money. ,really dumb, my

lawyer will eliminate your scam.

i will take your scam public and take everything you have. think it's funny, can't wait to see your face. i thought i'd try this, but i have m.s. doc says i can't take it.

tell me where to send the 3 bottles back. they are not opened. can't believe your scam. it's kind of funny that my lawyer, has dealt with this before.

i think you are going to get screwed in court. good luck with him. he works free for me!

dds david b. rice

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #914260

i Was Looking For Info About This Site, But Can't Take The Word Of People, Who Don't Know How To Use Capital Letters. unfortunately You've Made Me More Likely To Use Them.


Goodhue, Minnesota, United States #16954

Does anyone have any idea what this person is talking about?

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