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All the reviews are true. MY name is Noelia Vidal.

I also fell for Darlene Cervantes false goodness of helping people and she says she has cancer she doesnt, she played on the sympathy of the people. People think she is a goddess well , we will see about that. She sells people dogs that are not trained. Investigate where did she trained from , not from her computer copy she shows online, all fake.

She hurts children, animals and people by selling animals that are not trained to people. Mine is suppoded to be a service dog, not even obedience trained. She ripped me off also. First she asked for two 20lbs bags of dog food and 2 cases of dog food, mind you my dog a puppy, she said while in training they ate 5 times a day.

A lie. She kept my dog for 9 weeks, came back skin and bones. She shows an above picture showing me that she gave me a healthy dog when i told her, but I am a vet tech and I knew my dog was malnourished as others dogs were returned. When i was out of the sun then i was able to see her vertebrae.

Sorry dogs dont eat a lot in heat, this was not the case. Then she charged me for $125 for my supposedly trained dog's vest. Never ordered it, Never arrived. I have all the text her asking me for money and pictures of facebook asking her for the third time to give me the name of the vest company.

She charged me $89 for service papers i never received, she said they went back twice. We are talking 2 hours away. I get stuff from China through ebay and it gets here. The she asked for more money for food.I told her I was and she kew i was on disability and that she had to tell me these things ahead of time.

Nevertheless I deposit it to her accoount at wells fargo which i still have the account number to.

She kept saying the jacket was coming, i kept asking for my dog, never saw my dog for the nine weeks except once. She screwed and used a lot of people in Pahrump and they are going to be placing massive complaints on her. She is a compulsive liar and manipulator. One picture i saw was from another dog training site.

She left in six days to florence, kentucky and used the gofundme fund $1500 that Melissa Truesdale set up for her for the animals and she used it to run. I have all the texts and the rest of the proof is on facebook to be subpoenad. There is also a Jean Romans that has a lot to say and very bad. See the real truth is coming out now and oh her defense is very good.

Her favorite word is Slander, intimidation tactics, it wont work dear, you are guilty and it is gonna be proven by the masses. She is with or married with a Dr. Erin Tepe in Florence, Kentucky. That is whom she left with.

Our justice committee gave her 30 days to respond to a letter. Also going to ADA, i want to see her real accrediation and if she is accredted then she abused the power. So those that believe she is such a god, trust and believe she is good at what she does. I have proof and there are a lot of people angry and complaints in the internet.

Just research her.

There is so much more to know, more to come get ready Darlene, you messed with the wrong person. And dont give me your *** defense of slander or classes because i have proof that you said you were not gonna be there. Remember also Annette was there when we had to meet you at walmart cause you didnt want us to see where you really lived etc.

Now I know. How do you sleep at night. I hope you burn in ***, as a matter of fact, I know you will. Anyone want any information contact me on facebook www.facebook.com/daziling.

Not *** but ready to battle. I am not alone.

Reason of review: unhappy with everything, scam.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Darlene is currently living in Villa Grove, IL and stays with her girlfriend in Sullivan, IL. Looks like the USDA has caught her.

to Rescue #1622484

Great , thank you


Dr Erin Tepe did not marry her and found the truth out about her so is done with her.


I am not sure why anyone would continue to support her when she screws over EVERYONE that she crosses paths with. Every person I've seen stick up for her eventually gets screwed over by her.

She thinks she has haters because she's a "public figure." Ha!

Public figure? Way to talk yourself up Darleen. You are a leech that sucks people dry and then moves on. She always asks for donations to support her mission.

Why in the *** should other people pay for your animals? You are the one that wants to hoard animals so how about you get a job and support them yourself? What a novel friggin concept!

You try and use your made up health issues to manipulate people. You take advantage of peoples trust and good nature.

Funny how her "heart attack" happened right after her last break up. And what happened to having 3 weeks to live? My father had cancer that metastasized to his bones. It was extremely painful.

Yet Darleen is fine...and she had said previously back in 2015 that it had moved to her bones. I've never seen an untreated cancer work so slow. Must be a miracle! Lying about cancer is a real piece of *** thing to do.

She dumped her last 4 dogs at a Nevada animal shelters overnight box but lets keep getting more animals. And now she has a tiger? Who the *** in their right mind would trust her with a tiger? I wouldn't trust her with a goldfish.

She is the poster child of why everyday people should not own exotics. She makes all exotic owners look bad.

to Darleen #1409890

She is bashing anyone who asks questions about her mission to change the exotic laws in ohio.

She begs for donations from good honest people who dont see what a scam artist she is.

Now she has a tiger in the back of a van IN A DOG TRAINING CRATE.

Hopefully usda is looking for her.

I hope someone stops her soon.

to Not fooled by darleen #1409949

Don't you need some type of permits to own a tiger? I doubt she has a proper enclosure to keep one.

What about liability insurance? Especially since she is bringing them around children.

This is not going to end well. Poor tiger.

to Darleen #1426904

Darleen is a chronic liar, scammer and manipulator. Whatever Joe Schreibvogel does, she copies.

Things like cancer.

Neither one of them have cancer. Nothing but attention whores.


How can I get help she is due here at 330 and now in death 500 plz help


Please go to know that this would cost me over 10,000 to remove. Then lets really think about this.

This person has her dog, a vest, ADA law explained. And was staking Darleen Cervantes. Not as a customer . Go to fb.

she has a public page.

Show all these lies to be untrue. Pictures with this women getting her dog. Please note its easy to write false reports.

As well she is in good standing with AC& police in NV. She fostered for a couple that runs a huge rescue as well they are police officers. Good God, Darleen Cervantes is a certified trainer. If you read about this women she was on SSI and working under the table pet sitting.

Beside the fact she lost customers animals.

So read more truth on FB .

to Anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1235683

Darleen Cervantes is NOT a certified Trainer. She first ripped off the name of a trainer in San Diego, then she ripped off another woman in Las Vegas.

CALL the North Las Vegas Animal Pound and talk to the head of the department.

Darlene starved dogs and left dead dogs in kennels. She let two dobermans get out and kill a dog.

Darleen was NEVER on SSI. GO to http://absolutek9.com/

Call David.

Darleen STOLE his K9 company name, and destroyed his business by stealing it! She has stolen from police officers from BEAUMONT California.

The ONLY reason she is online now is the statute of limitations is up for the officers to sue her!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1168610

Darleen Crevants is a scam,she plays people to get what she wants, an since she has screwed over so many people, she now has moved to Exotic Animals and she is trying to pull her scam on us but to many of us have her number its just a matter of time before she gets her but run out of Kentucky an the Exotic world because a lot of us know the truth about her lies about tiger nation, and we are watching her hang herself

to Anonymous cleaner #1307242

Darleen Cervantes,is a scam artist and she has stolen so many people money she now lives in Kentucky with her new girlfriend Erin,she is one sick lady,she is now telling people she has cancer and that she had a son who died,what kind of person lies about having a kid ,well she does,she is now trying her hand with exotic animals and there are to many of us that are on to her because we know what a scam artist she is it's just a matter of time before we run her back to California because we don't want her kind giving the exotic animal people a bad name!!!!

to the cleaner #1407460

Add Erin's name to the million other people she's screwed over. Who's next?

to LiarNation1 #1426900

I had a strong feeling that she did. I met Erin once and texted a few times after.

She is such a nice and wonderful person.

Whatever Joe Schreibvogel does, she copies....like cancer. Complete BS!!

to Anonymous cleaner #1374213

Good she lives in London Ky..is what she told me...Don t like liars or scammers..KARMA BITCH

to Tami Gregory #1401885

She stole my money, my car, and three credit cards and used them to their limits. She tried to assassinate my character by lying about me to my family.

She does not have cancer. She has a goiter on her neck. I felt sorry for her and even went to the doctors with her several times. The goiter can be removed.

She was supposed to train a dog for my mother who was elderly so I left her with my mother for 10 days while I went on a trip. When I came back the house was full of animal decides. The animals had torn the house apart, my mother was in a frail condition, and the dog, all equipment, my car, property, and cards were all missing. She had terrified my mother and convinced her that I wanted to hurt her.

It was a nightmare. She even tried to build a fence in the back yard of a rent property and got me a notice of eviction since this was expressly against the lease guidelines. When I finally got my car back it was scratched, dented, and the interior was ruined. She makes a lot of threats to tell lies to your work or get you further in trouble legally.

I spoke to one person who lost her job and house because of this scam artist. All in all, she got about 20,000 dollars from me.

to Screwed #1407157

Sadly, she will convince people that everyone on here is just out to hurt her. And explain it all away. Hopefully SOMEONE will see the truth before they get screwed over like the rest of us.

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