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day one we went on oodle market free want adds looking at pets we typed in yorshire terriers . we found severall individyalls that had free puppies.we called 2 or three.

could not understand them well so we asked there nationality they would never say. the second individal was a male same accent said his wife was killed by a drunk driver 2 weeks ago.said the puppies was his wifes. then he said he could not take care of the puppys due to travelling all the time tranferd to minnesota said he could have dogs shiped through uship freight animals we gave him our number he called then said agency would cotact about shiping they did. said it would cost 300.00 no hidden charges that was all puppies would be here next morning by 9.30 if we sent payment by western union we did like dummies had to wire to individal in tiko cameroon thar was main office ,as they said.


the next morning at 8.30 agency called said individual had wrong dog carriers that we would have to pay for carries and pay up fron.t would get money back when they arrived . we did not send any more money we told them this was a scam. indival called said if we would ay some money for the crates hewould pay 200.00 more we said noway we no what your doing.he sent a letter on email with cuss words in it said puppies are stillat airpoet same time shippig company on compuer at 430 am saying send more money and they would ship we said noway send our money back.

they said lawyer will contact us for leaving puppies in airport we said there is no puppies and they would not tell us phone number so if anyone is looking at free puppies on oodle tell them you will come and pick them up yorself if in u.s then see what kind of excuse they give you i tried that myself they said they have to ship my name is tina my husband is mark you can e-mail me at tinytina141@yahoo.com. thanks

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I just dealt with these same people thankfully i sent no money at all i thought this was all a little fishy!! as soon a i seen i had to send the money to cameroon i knew this was a scam!!

he said the same thing to me...that he lost his wife 2 weeks ago and relocated to minnesota and couldnt take care of the dogs!!

he told me it would be 300 to ship both of them of 170 for 1 of them!! DO NOT fall for this scam!!

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