Hornymatches.com is a fraud site. Can the police do nothing about this.How much money are they making? How many people involved?

My experience is exactly like others. Once you pay up nothing happens.

I would guess that most of the women pictured don`t even know they are on this site.

The fact they don`t respond to these conplaints suggests it is fraud.

When you are standard member (which is free) you get some winks, these are always accompanied by attractive pictures of women.

You never get winked from a non pictured woman.

This is to get you to pay membership.

Monetary Loss: $34.

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hornymatches is a scam-ripoff-buntch-of bs they should b stoped imiediatly before they rip anyone else off


Are that much of a retard that you would beileve this-you got a wink alright-from a 10 on a *** meter.

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