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Received email from bogus Advance America Payday Services with Ph # Georgia (478) 207 7981 and (478) 202 7981. Demands I-Tune cards so it can't be tracked.

They also demand either Western Union or Wall Mart Money Grams for deposit fee. They do not need your user name, passwords, answers to your security questons, or your PIN on bank debit or credit cards. I blocked their Ph #s. (Ph settings, click block, enter Ph #, Click on (+).

No more emails. Their Ph # & Texts are still blocked. Go on Google for instructions to block on your device. I went on Google and l looked up this company from Georgia.

NOT LISTED. Georgia is 1 of 12 states that ban PayDay Loans (PDL). Other states are: Ariz,Ark, Conn, Penn, ,Verm, Maryland,Mass, W Virg, NC, NJ, New York-(I also blocked), & Wash DC. Look up area codes Ph # on google.

Loans do not require upfront charges for I Tunes (scammers call it vouchers), Western Union wires, Moneygrams, or upfront Deposit fees. Legit loans: Any fees are subtracted from approved loan and that reduced loan is deposited or an authentic certified bank check given.

If scammed, Please notify your State Attorney General with proof of your documentation, etc. Best wishes.

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I knew something wasn’t right

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