I recently got on the *** matches.com site. I to must of e-mailed a hundred women in a two month period, and not one response.

I Urge you men out there to Not get on this site. Your better off meeting an old hag at a bar, than what this site says it has to offer. I would get winks from women, on the site and would respond to the winks, and at no time did I get a response.

I am dissapointed with this site and hope that in the future they honor what they say they. I got Suckered.

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I was on this site too for about 6 mos. Contacted by tons of flirts when I was a free member but once I joined it all stopped.

Never was responded too nor met anyone on this site. Finally read the fine print and it states it is for amusement only and that most of these women just post their picture but dont actually represent a "dating eligable" person. Alot are Cam girls stills..

Yes it is a rip off. As For being Ugly that does not matter dude, who ever said that is rude and imature..


Yeah that sux badly.

Just put up a bogus profile and see if you get any winks to really test it.


dam Jeff that was ice cold............ dude go out and meet women...

i promise, it will work. with time young grasshopper with time.

P.s. "never love the woman just the moments"(drake).

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