Called when I received an email saying I would be arrested if I did not pay a loan I never received. Called and asked to be removed.

Told me to "*** off" and hung up. You will receive the document from the court house once the case will be downloaded. We have tried several times to work with you but as you are not co-operating with us then unfortunately we have to proceed further with legal actions against your name and SSN in order to dispute this matter into the court house as you have failed to make the payment.

We have the affidavit which states that you were monitored online using your email address in order to silicate funds from the website which is own and operated by the parent company. Email us back to resolve this case out Side of Court on: davidwoodsdebtcollector@outlook.com Regards, Financial Crime Enforcement Network, 300 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013-1230 Advance Cash Litigation Department © 2016 | | Terms of Use | Careers |Complaints | Privacy Policy

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