my name is john healey,i have worked in dealerships and owned my own auto shop(foreign car specialists) for 16 years and sold it due to divorce.dominic runs the brick store like a blind man RAY CHARLES.his phone manners are terrible and he has charged my parents for undone repairs.i also asked him to explain the organization of the billed invoice and he could not even do that where i believe you have overcharged-double dipped-on repairs.I WOULD LOVE A CHANCE AT THIS POOR SOLES JOB.he is terrible.I AM MORE THAN QUALIFIED AND WOULD LIKE AN OPPORTUNITY TO RUN THIS LOCATION.I HAVE ATTENDED BROOKDALE COLLEGE AND LINCOLN TECH FOR AUTOMOTIVE.I HAVE WORKED FOR INTERNATIONAL RACE OF CHAMPIONS(IROC) AND I HAVE GREAT PEOPLE SKILLS.I WILL REPORT THIS TO ASBURY PARK PRESS.HE HAS TOLD MY PARENTS THEY GET THE 4TH TIRE FREE AND NEVER GAVE THEM THE THE MAIL IN REBATE FORM AND WHEN I CALLED HE WAS VERY UNPROFFESSIONAL.E-MAIL PLEASE I CAN START TOMORROW AND I WILL EXCEED ALL HIS PERFORMANCES WITHOUT A DOUBT.REFERENCES AVAILABLE AND MY TIME IS AVIABLE.WORKED FOR GM/WENT TO GM SCHOOLS/WORKED FOR JAGUAR,MERCEDES,FORD,DODGE AND ALWAYS LEFT BEING A TECHNICIAN.

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