I’ll just start and finish by saying, I bought a pipe wrench and found that I didn’t really need it. went to return it a week later and realized I didn’t have the receipt but figured ah no problem it’s a multi million dollar company 11.00 DOLLARS ain’t gonna hurt I’m sure they’ll take it back.

WRONG!!!! After talking to the girl at returns who told I had to go get another one off the shelf so she could make sure it was theirs. Oh did I forget to mention I go and buy things and try to return them at other stores. AINT SHE BRIGHT.

She then calls the manager on duty and tells him she has a customer trying to return a wrench that cost (11.00) and he doesn’t have his receipt but he brought one from the floor it’s (11.00) dollars.

His response was oh no we need to see proof of purchase. So upon leaving the store I just threw it in the trash outside I figured they’d get it back one way or another, even though I’m not a multi millionaire 11.00 ain’t gonna make or brake me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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