I was injured in 12/2006. The company was fine when I was just getting pt and injections but once surgery was mentioned that ended.

I lost my job 6/27/2008 and 6/28/2008 Brian Harmon very rude mean ill mannered person very rudely denied my claim. I hired an attorney. They have been trying to deny part of my injury, they took so long to approve my surgeries my injuries became worse. I am a 53 year old woman that has had two shoulder surgeries, rotator, spurs, arthiritus, all in 9 months.

My knees were also injured in my fall at work and they don't want to help me with those. Yet they have paid the bills for them, which makes them liable. Now I have bad knees, shoulder and arm still not healed and needing to find employment soon. Other WC companies are not like this one al all, they are polite and call you back and aren't rude.

I will be writing to my inusruance commisioner I feel they are screwing me and I am the victim. I am the one that has to live with all these injuries that aren't healing. Brian is the worse adjuster I have ever met. Now I have a one her name is Olla McFern and I have not talked to her but my pt has and she is just as rude.

I was also told by Brian after he told me I could contact him with questions that I can't contact him because is is a conflict of interest, what a bunch of BS.

I sure whish all of us would have been lucky enough to get a good company. Good luck to you all Pam from Minnesotat

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