My name is Neta Baird I am a customer at your Smyrna Tennessee store. When I went in and signed a contract to rent to own a 50 inch Tv and sound system I was told by the salesman that I could pay weekly or by the month. At first we were paying by the week on time. At the end of last month I had some fraud in my bank account. When my direct deposit went into the bank they froze my account. I explained to the salesman Derek and tried to pay at least something, the money was refused. He wouldn't take it. So that weekend I slipped a money order for 80.00 under the door where they had no choice. Today, April 21 Derek called me on my job and asked me when he could come pick up the merchandise. I told him at the end of the month I would be in there to pay up competely what I owe. I had a circumstance beyond my control. He was very rude and said no, that i had to either pay now, or the merchandise was to be returned. I asked him again, is there something I can do, leave a postdated check, sign an agreement, anything to keep from losing my mechandise. He said no, when can I come pick it up. I told him he could when I was home. He continued to harrass me about a time. I couldn't give him a time. I then asked him if I could please have the name and number of his boss. He refused to give it to me. Refused. He kept asking me why I was giving HIM a hard time. I again, may I have the name and number of your supervisor. No. He wouldn't give it to me. I hung up. I then asked my roommate to call and asked if she could have the name and number of the owner or supervisor. He was rude to her, he refused to give her any information.

I am not trying to be difficult. I had a very bad situation happen that was beyond my control. Oweing rent, water and electricity I still managed to gather up as much as I could to make an attempt to pay. I am angry first because I was told I could pay by the month if I wanted. Now it is a differnt story. I am angry because I have agreed to do what ever it takes if he would just give me one week to catch it up. Mostly I am angry because this man has from day one been very rude and hard to deal with. I know I can take my business elsewhere. There are lots of rent to own places. I just feel I have paid on this and I don't want to loose what i haave invested. He claims he has tried to work with me and that is an out and out lie. He has threatened and done everything he can to NOT help. I have never had to deal with such unprofessionalism in my life. I have every intention of taking care of what I owe. I have had to shift somethings until my bank situation is taken care of. When I tried to explain, he would talk over me. Is this the type of people you want dealing with customers?

I would appreciate a call or response to this. I want to work this out. I think it is *** to come and get this stuff and turn arond not even a week later and bring it back. When I told him I would take my business elsewhere he said he didn't care.

Thank you for your time and please feel free to contact me. My number is 615-869-8808. I would like to speak with someone other than a rude salesman.

Thank you, Neta Baird

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