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I was called not one time but 3 times in 5 minutes. I was working which they didnt seem to understand.

This is something from 10 years ago. I requested to not be called and they proceeded to laugh. ??? They were extremly rude and disrespectful, what type of outfit is this place.

I then asked for a manager and of course one wasnt staffed. Go figure. I feel i was extremly disrespected and harrassed. They were RUDE and Unprofessional.

I have never been treated in such a manner. They need some home training at that place asset acceptance and some better people, ones who know how a business runs.

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DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY... if you do you will renew their statue of limitations by changing the (last date of activity).

This is their goal I worked for a company that gave huge bonuses for changed accounts.. They can sue you if that date gets changed so no matter what they do (DO NOT SEND MONEY)

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