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Wayne, NJ Location: took my two girls for a haircut and will not be returning!! The employees are not pleasant at all, they don't even talk to you, the one was so rude to my 10 year old, that had I known I would have put her in her place, yes the one at the far end w/the short hair and heavy accent, my daughter left there so upset and said "mom this would never happen at our hair salon" and she right..the woman kept tilting her head in a Not so gently way and was firm in her choice of words, the girl at the front desk has no people skills either.

If you are trying to run a business where you deal w/the public you need some type of Education on how to communicate with the public. Don't waste your time, there are so many hair salons to choose from.

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I have to totally agree. That anonymous hair salon in Wayne, NJ is just terrible!

Be sure you never go there.

If you're not sure which one we're talking about, just be on the lookout for the one with the short hair and heavy accent, they're obviously a permanent fixture at the far end, so you'll know it when you see them. Look out though, that head tilting is no joke!

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