I pick up prescriptions for a patient regularly at the Mt. Vernon location.

I have had to change to a different pharmacy because of the Pharmacist,Joe closing before 9 pm. This is a continued issue I have witnessed and find upsetting. While customers still waiting he advises the employees to close drive-thru before 9, so that his out time is not delayed. Customers come in at that time, he ignores them, walks away.

Is this the customer service you want to represent CVS?

I understand he is the Mgr.but don't understand the why,very disrespectful even to employees. I have witnessed more about this Joe, call me at (661)363-7440 He should not represent CVS.Mary

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Cleveland, Georgia, United States #693465

Since when is it "rude" to close at "closing time"? You might not like it, but

it isn't rude. Accept that some people refuse to follow the rules and think

everyone should honor their presence. That Pharmacist had probably been there

more than 12 hours already. That was his obligation met. If he allows just one more

person a pass, then he is sure that the window will be open for another, and another.

When is he/ she supposed to call it off? Learn how to get there during normal jours and I am sure you will be waited on with utmost speed. That is how it should be. Get a life and

quit whining! You are welcome!


First of all, you go to CVS, second of all, you expect pharmacies to serve up dangerous drugs like McDonald's serves up hamburgers. Do you have no respect for the profession of pharmacy?

Why in the world would you EXPECT your prescription to be filled in 5 minutes? Shame on you! Are you in and out of your doctor's office in 5 minutes? Isn't the pharmacist's job just as important?

Joe is probably abused by people just like you all day long, no wonder the poor guy wants to get out of there on time. He should not represent CVS? CVS is a chain drug store, where you are just a number. If CVS cared about you, you would not be pulling up to a drivethrough window for professional services.

If you are looking for care, go to an independent pharmacy, oh that's right, I forgot. CVS is helping to shut down all the independents because people like you like pulling up to their drive-thru windows five minutes before they close.

People like you have demeaned the profession of pharmacy, and unfortunately, you're getting exactly the right dose of your own medicine. So, just hold your nose and take it.

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