I am tired of being harassed by your employees for some person that you are trying to locate. If you continue to harass me I will have no choice but to seek legal actions in charging your company for harassment or anything that will stop those harassing calls. (This is one of your employee’s her name is Jessica Milis, 8/21/08 contacted my home for Lamonica, I asked to speak to manager, but instead got some supervisor who was just as rude. I informed her to stop calling because there is no one by that name and that we do not know them, but the calls continued 3x on this date.)

I know one thing for sure is that your company and others like yours need to update your database. The reason I’m saying this is I have lived in this house for ten years, and I knew the owner before me, and one thing that is for sure they weren’t the person your company have been seeking.

It just shows how hopeless the individual(s) that work for your company in providing the necessary information required for your other employees to call and harass (and I may say they have been doing quite the job) are not providing adequate information, and sort of makes me wonder how you keep your business going with all of the mistake (you probably won’t last that long until another company takes over your network). I hope that there are better sources that provide you folks with information, because if your company continues to make these mistakes I don’t think those that pay for your services will be back again.

I hope that you have the decency to inform those individual to stop calling my home for Lamonica Lewesky. I hope that you know that it is harassment if your company continues to carry on this way. I have formally given you notice that there is know one by that name, and who ever you pay to get your information from you should start charging them for the wrong information.

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