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Employee Amy Williams at the 2019 North Main Store in High Point, North Carolina is a rude and impolite employee. She not only was rude to her fellow employee in front of a long line of customers, she was rude as to the customers waiting. She was called, by intercom, to the front to help serve customers at an available register. She was rude to the young lady who called her, pointed at one customer and demanded that the customer come over to her register, waited on her, ignored the other 10 or 12 customers in the initial line, and walked back to where she came from. When I finally got to the only register open, I purchased a product that required a person to be 21 or over to complete the sale, this Amy person was call again. This time she never appeared. It was at least 5 minutes, and still no Amy. Finally the young lady at the register requested, politely, if I would please go to the photo area to pay for my product. When I did I say Amy standing at the front of the photo isle. I explain what needed to be done as to why she was called up front. She rudely denied reply, apology, or any other explanation and left in the opposite direction. This is not acceptable. Not in this economy when you should not only appreciate having a job, but to represent the company you work for who was thoughtful enough to give you that job should be of paramount importance. Needless to say, I have shopped at Walgreens for over 40 years. I am not pleased with this service. It is to be noted...this is the first time that I have ever had a problem in any of your stores. I realize this will probably not be of major concern to you, but I am looking forward to your attention in this matter. Yes, I am upset.


Mr. D.E. Hipps

High Point, NC


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